Thursday, October 8, 2009

Overdue and On Bedrest

So I'm 40 1/2 weeks, and have been feeling really great. I've been working all week and even pulled a 12 hour work day yesterday. Today I had to go to the hospital for a NST test (fetal stress test) to make sure baby Faye was doing ok. Standard procedure for being overdue.

Everything with the monitoring was good. Her heart rate was accelerating and all perfectly. I love the nurses there. They are so loving and concerned. They walked me through it all, and I love understanding everything that is going on.

I also needed to get an sonogram to make sure my amniotic fluid levels were ok. At 38 weeks the fluid will start to deteriorate, which is why there is an increased % of stillbirth after your due date and also the reason they check.
So the levels were right in between really bad and really good. <5>10 would mean there is a good amount of fluid. I scored a 6.8, so the dr wasn't sure what to do. He called my OB and they decided to put me on strict bedrest until tomorrow so they can measure the fluid again.

So I guess I'm not working my last day of school tomorrow. I think people are sick of seeing me come in day after day anyway. I am pretty proud of myself for teaching this late in the game. It helps that I have had such a great pregnancy.

If everything looks ok tomorrow then I will just wait to be induced on Sun night as I had planned. If not, they will get me going tomorrow night or Sat. Not much different, but prob enough to ruin my plans of having Meliss and my parents there the whole time. Its in God's hands and I know that whatever happens will be what needed to happen.

I will keep everyone posted!! Please pray for me and my little Zoey Faye that it will all go smoothly!


  1. should read..... having Melissa, Jess and Charly, and my parents there the whole time. :o)

  2. Oh good luck. I'm sorry about the bedrest- no fun! You are such a trooper- teaching and working this long into your pregnancy! You rock!

  3. HOLY COW!! So, I got off facebook a while ago. And Jason jumped into a swimming pool with my cell in his pocket, so I lost all my phone numbers. But I've been thinking about you so much lately! And right now Payson is playing at a friend's house and Jack is napping and I was alone so I did a blog search to see if maybe there was a tiny possibility I could track you down. Nothing. But then I was looking at Mike and Kasia's blog and guess what I saw?! YOU! I'm so excited!! So now I'm going to get caught up on all things Jake and Stacey and little baby!! :)

  4. My prayers and thoughts are with you....I check your blog often to get the updates! LOVE THEM!!! Can't wait to hear how it turns out! If Zoe comes today (the 13th) that is my birthday! We'll be 40 years apart! I'm telling you that since all of Dutchess County knows too! I had very naughty friends and family that put signs on Route 55 and Cramer and totally vandalized my house! (Oh, and car, and shed, and flagpole, and trees, and swingset, etc., etc.) Good luck tomorrow at the doctors! I'm so excited to check back!