Thursday, October 22, 2009


Our little bundle of joy is already a week old! She had her first dr appt. She is 7lb 9oz now which is good cause she left the hospital 7lb 6oz, so she is gaining back weight! She is a good little sleeper (knock on wood) and I have to wake her up at night to feed her. She likes sleeping in like her mommy and daddy!!
We love her more and more everyday. She is so good and sweet, and just content to be with mommy or daddy.
Linkin loves her and is being a good big brother. I can tell he is protective of her.
Linda came to visit for a few days and my mom is coming tonight. Its so nice to have a little extra help!


  1. Congratulations!! She's absolutely gorgeous! And everyone is right, she does look just like Jake. :) But you know, everyone told me the same thing about Payson when she was born and the older she gets the more they tell me she looks just like me. :) Hope you're recovering and adjusting quickly! Love you guys!!

  2. Congrats!!! She is darling! Glad to hear you all are doing well!