Thursday, October 1, 2009

Our Hopes For Zoey

For Family Home Evening Jake and I sat down and each wrote out some of our hopes for Zoey's Life. We read them to each other and then came up with some more.


Make Good Lifelong Friends
Be Very Coordinated
Have Love for Everyone
Value Hard Work
Know Grandparents Well
Be Best Friends with her Mom
Love tomatoes from Daddy's Garden
Love Music
Desire to Share Talents
Be Left-handed


Have a Carefree Childhood
Have at least 1 Awesome Best Friend
Be Able to Choose Right from Wrong
Will Be Quick to Forgive
Find a Passion and Be Really Good At It
Not Need To Follow Crowd - Independent
Get Her Heartbroken
Have a Great Youth Program with Fun Leaders

Both of Ours:
Marry in Temple to Return Missionary
Be Close with Parents and Family
Like Outdoors (not afraid to get dirty!)
Go to College
Be Good Example to Siblings
Have Respect for Priesthood
Be Very Involved in High School
Have Unwavering Testimony

There are so many of course...I could write forever. Its amazing to think this baby in me will grow up and become her own person. I have had such a lucky and wonderful life so far and I hope Zoey can have all that and more in hers!

Come Soon Zoey!! WE are getting anxious!!!

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