Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

This year I thought I would throw out an new idea..... Thanksgiving at the church cultural hall. It turned out to be a great space to entertain the whole crew. Linda did an awesome job decorating the tables and making it special. We all brought lots and lots of food.  We did Homeless bags. We played volleyball. We ate pie. The kids played games. It turned out to be a great Thanksgiving. My mom was in town and Bry and Jenn came down too. I love when I get to unit both families!! 

This year I got great t-shirts for the family. Zoey's said "As cute as pumpkin pie". Logan's said "Oh Snap" with a wishbone. Piper's said " Get Out Your Fat Pants" and Jake's said "It's all about that baste". So fun!!!

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