Monday, March 20, 2017

Happy Halloween Arrrrrrrrrrrrr

What a cute Halloween!! I got everyone on board to be pirates! Yay for family costumes!!! I spent quite some time crafting these outfits together! I bought Logan's on ebay and Zoey's was her last years witch costume that I re-did and painted, adding buttons and of course a parrot on her shoulder. That's actually how I talked her into the whole pirate idea! Logan I mentioned a hook and a sword and he was on board. Piper's costume I made and Jake's too. I do enjoy getting crafty. I've never made a "coat" before and  I have to say I was pretty excited it even resembled a coat. Go me! Teaching all that 7th grade sewing is really paying off. haha. 

And..... did I mention the AMAZING pirate ship my husband from our wagon. So impressed. It really made Halloween extra special!! 

We started at Trunk Or Treat. Piper caught on to the whole trick or treating thing pretty much immediately. She was adorable running around with  her bucket getting all her candy. Nothing was gonna stop this little pirate baby!! 

We stopped at Zaxby's for dinner and met up with Jess and Charly, and Jess Nelson, Maddi and Lloyd afterward to go trick or treating. Jake suggested we go check out his friends  haunted garage in Cedar Hills. We fell IN LOVE with the neighborhood. We had so much fun going through the haunted garage. Zoey was brave and wanted to do the scariest level with us and did better than me Jess, Jess and Madi! The neighborhood had a little training running from one place to another place. There was free cotton candy being passed around, and one stop was cider and a fire pit. The best was the carmel apple house! There was this house that just opened their doors to everyone to come and in have a carmel apple. I was in love with that idea and the carmel apples were so unreal!!! 

It was really this perfect magical Halloween night. I just couldn't help but feel like it was a night I will never forget. A perfect night to add to my kids memories. So glad we had such a great night!

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