Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Celebrating Grandma Nelson's Life

Our sweet Grandma Nelson passed away after thanksgiving. We had such a tender moment with her before she passed. We went into her room with Zoey and Lloyd there and she was laying there breathing hard and looking so uncomfortable. She couldn't really speak and we didn't know if she really knew we were there. I suggested singing Christmas songs and you can tell immediately she wanted to join in and that she loved us singing to her. As Jake was saying goodbye to her she said "that was a nice party we just had".  Awe. It melts my heart. I am so excited for her to be reunited to her husband and others that have passed on. The funeral was great. I loved learning more about her in his childhood and as a young mother and women. We got to spend time with family which is always a special thing to do after such a touching celebration of someone's life. I hope I can leave even close to a legacy as she did.  

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