Saturday, December 31, 2016

Steel Day Adventures!

It was a pretty hot day for carnival rides but you can't tell with these kiddos! We headed over to the Steel Days rides without dad this time. We were away for Strawberry Days this year so we were trying to get in our yearly fun right around the corner! The kids were really excited!!
   It's fun to see their personalities come out on their choice of rides. Logan wanted the chill rides, and slow and steady rides. He wasn't at all amused by the crazy spinning, upside down ride, but Zoey was all about them. They were happy to split up on different rides and I tried to keep Piper out of trouble
!! Piper did get to ride the merry go round for the first time ever. She was so thrilled with it. She was just laughing and laughing and so delighted with it all. I was so touched by the pure joy on their faces as they rode around and around. With so much hatred and violence in the new lately I have really felt the damper of hate lately.  My sweet little ones live in their innocence unaware of much that plagues others. I was grateful to be in that moment with them and to feel my heart lightened with their smiles. 
After our tickets had run out and we were hot and thirsty we grabbed some cotton candy and a much needed Slurpee on the way home!!

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