Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Cape May in June

We wanted the kids to have some fun at the beach this summer! I grew up having vacations in Wildwood, New Jersey and stopping by Cape May to enjoy the sunset. do some shopping and eat out! We found a great little house this  time right in Cape May that would fit all of us plus my parents, Jess and Charly. We were all set for a fun time. All we had to do was get there!

The flights were disasterous!!! Our flight was scheduled to leave at midnight! We thought.... "red eye will be such a good idea cause the kids can sleep" Our first flight didn't leave until 2am!!!! Just late enough for us to miss our early morning connection! We were all running on 4 hours of sleep and now we had to be put on stand by.  We missed the first stand by one hour later and then finally got on our second stand by. Getting the rental car was a shuttle and a forever long line and by the time we driving the 2 hours to cape may, we were ready to call it day!! 

We missed the day at the beach and got there as it was starting to get chilly. We met mom, jess, charly and dad at the  beach. The kids were so excited to run into the sand and test out the ocean. 

We had a great few days hanging out in Cape May and Wildwood. The weather was not really the best beach weather but we still had a great time. The following day was rainy and Jess, Mom and I went to do some shopping. We found a Hibatchi and had everyone meet us for lunch. The kids LOVED IT!!! They chef completely entertained them. Zoey was a pro at catching the food in her mouth! The freaked when they saw the big flames. It was the perfect place for lunch!

We tried out the beach again but it was still cold. The kids enjoyed playing in the sand. We just really enjoyed our time together there. I hope we get to go back soon. 

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