Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Fun in Poughkeepsie

While Jake only got to spend several days back in Poughkeepsie, I stayed almost a week longer with the kids. We really filled up every day with so many great memories. 
One of the best parts of the trip was getting to see my cousin Mike getting married. He got married 
at the Links to Katie who we all just love. It was really nice to see family and celebrate with them.
       We spent a day a Whaley Lake jetskiing and testing out dad's boat. The kids loved it. I wonder if they will ever know what a special place that is to me. So many happy memories.
        My girlfriends all got together with their little ones. We met jovonna's and let the kids kind of run wild and had lunch. Kari brought her little guy Ethan, Meliss brought Asher, Sarah brought Savannah and Jov had Ember, Tuck and Clay. The kids got along great. I can't even tell you how crazy it is to picture all of us as high school friends and now as mothers.
       We met up with Chris in White Plains and I finally got to meet
       We made it to Eve and Issac's for Father's Day. We went on a nice walk and completely fell in love all over again with how beautiful New York is. It's hard to love two homes.
        We wrapped up the week at Freedom Lake with Katie and Chris and the kids and Aunt Julie. Another place I just have a million memories wrapped around! The kids were great. Piper was a pain to chase around. The company was great. I just love Katie and Chris.
         And of course, I just loved being with mom and dad. I know my kids just love being there with them. So lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life and in the life of my kids!

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