Saturday, August 13, 2016

Another Hangernel Awards

Well! We didn't get around to having our family awards on the weekend of the Academy Awards but everyone still wanted to do it so we made it happen! I have to say Jess really pulled out all the stops this year with her costume! If it wasn't already totally obvious you can see that she is Justin Beiber and Charly is Salena Gomez. HA! Amazing right?! I giggle everytime I look at the pictures of her. 

Zoey went as "Tay Tay Swift" and she had Piper be Taylor Swift's cat. Piper seems to do well as a cat whenever she needs a costume. Logan was Batman. Easy. Jake was Steve Jobs. Also perfect!! So impressed with my creative sister and husband! And then there was me....too stressed out by the planning of it all to really come up with anything good..... but I was in all black as a stage crew person. 
It was fun times. Everyone tried to be creative. We had everyone prepare a small notes for someone in the family. I liked this way better then doing ballots and it gave everyone a chance to think of the great qualities of those in the family. 

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