Thursday, May 19, 2016

Happy Birthday Logan

Yup! This is me and Jake and Logan dressed in our Star Wars attire! Jake and I took a half day to take Logan to lunch and make his day special. Sometimes having a December birthday is hard! We pretty much tried to bribe Logan into going anywhere BUT McdDonald's  but we couldn't break him! 
We also stopped and got his favorite donut from Avenue Bakery. 
This guy is such a hoot. 
He is stubborn and dramatic and funny and a cuddler. 
He always wants to be sitting as close as possible
He loves songs on the Radio like "Why ya gotta be so rude" 
He says things "You made me do that" and blames us for everything
He loves the song Gethsamane and might be the cutest when he sings it
He loves everything Star Wars right now
He loves pre school
He can do a perfect cartwheel and is so athletic
He is still having accidents and needs pull ups at night
He still comes in our bed at night and wants us to scratch his back to fall asleep
His buddies are Jaxon, Jeremiah, Elliott, Mason
He loves his yogurt still and string cheese and can eat an entire watermelon if we let him
He is so good at math! He is great at addition!
He writes is name and has no interest in reading right now
He rides a two wheeler like a pro
He is skinny!! 

We love our little guy. Happy Birthday Gigi! 

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