Friday, May 27, 2016


Christmas was beautiful this year full of family, food and tons and tons of snow!! I do this things where I start buying Christmas presents early and then by Christmas Eve I realize that I might have gone a little overboard!!! I don't do big expensive gifts for the kids. I like to buy things they need like clothes and PJs and socks, toothbrushes etc... but all these little things all wrapped up sure look like present overload. Santa was very generous! So were the grandma's and aunts and uncles and it was just so much opening and love everywhere. 

Christmas Eve was really awesome this year. As usual everyone met at Grandma Joys and I put together a small Christmas program that really brought the spirit and reminder of Christ in Christmas. We did our gift exchange. Garlicks got me and Jake the most amazing temple picture of Mount Timp temple where we were married. 

Christmas morning it was just us 5 for the first time ever. It was so nice to wake up and open gifts and make breakfast together and take our time in the morning. 
We headed over to Linda and Lloyds after breakfast where all of Jake's siblings were. We ate brunch and then the opening games continued. 

Jake's brothers made the kids the most amazing long boards!!! The custom made the board with Logan as Hulk smashing a Monster Truck and Zoey riding a Ladybug in Space!! They even got them the coolest helmets. It was so touching to see them do this for Zoey and Logan. I can really see how much their uncles love them! 

Afterward since it snowed like 24 inches overnight the kids went with Grandma and Grandpa to built a fort in the front yard. 

In the evening Bry and Jenn came down with the kids and we got to have them stay overnight and into the next day. We are so lucky to have so much family close by. It's pretty amazing and overwhelming to have such wonderful people in our lives. 

I really felt so blessed this Christmas season to have a happy and healthy holiday with my family. 

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