Friday, May 27, 2016

Christmas Fun 2015

It's been a perfect little Christmas Season. I've been trying to chill out and just enjoy it. The gifts and present buying sometimes take over my brain. Every year I try to pull back and keep it simple but my brain doesn't like simple. It likes creative, time consuming crafty gift giving! Next year for real. Everyone is getting the same a pillow or a gift card. Remind me of that come November please!! 
I have to say having these sweet little nuggets make Christmas time so fun and special. They are excited about everything!!! They of course know exactly what they want Santa to bring them. Zoey wants a puppy. .....ain't gonna happen. Logan pretty much wants anything Star Wars. Santa doesn't like it when they change their list last minute but is doing his best! lol. Here are some of the fun Christmas Festivities from the season:

- Visiting Santa At Traverse Mountain ... Seriously the longest line ever! I think we waited 45 min to see Santa. The kids didn't care. Afterwards we headed to Thanksgiving Point to the ice cream shoppe for a treat and to see the reindeer of course. 

- Ward Christmas Party....... Wow! The ward Christmas party is always a little shocking to see 300 people in one room! The kids loved running around and visiting Santa again. And check out the tree we got from the Christmas party! It might just be the most perfect Christmas tree I've ever had. Perfect shape and fullness!! 

- Gifts for friends.... This year we did a Holiday Potpourri with cinnamon, cranberries and oranges. We put them all together for Family Night one monday. We loved having extra's to make the house smell ready for Christmas! 

- Our Christmas Fireplace! I really wanted a little fireplace this year and with a few boxes and some butcher paper I think I pulled it off. It was just what I wanted to hang Christmas Stockings and make our front room festive. 

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