Thursday, May 7, 2015

Having A Baby Is Tough

So, I'm really awesome at growing babies! I've worked to all of my due dates and have had healthy and active pregnancies. Now..... having babies on the other hand always seems to become so dramatic!

Quickly after Piper was born they noticed her breathing wasn't quite right so they took her off to the NICU, just as they had with Logan. It turns up our sweet girl had lungs filled with gunk and they were worried she might have an infection. They had to put her on antibiotics and they were monitoring her breathing as well. She had to stay in the NICU from FRI to MON. Slowly her breathing got better and the trouble was her eating. She wasn't gaining properly and didn't seem very interested in eating.

I also had a slow recovery. Because of the epidural needle going too far into my spin there was a very big chance that I would end up with a spinal headache because spinal fluid was leaking out and causing an imbalance of pressure around my brain. The day after having Piper I started to have a lot of back pain and the anesthesiologist thought it might be the beginning of the spinal headache. I had no headache so I didn't know if he was right. I decided to get the blood patch he recommended. The nurses that had been helping me all day were right there with me during the procedure.

They took blood from my arm and then just like an epidural he put the blood into my spine. I was so not prepared for the "pressure" I would feel as he put it in. I could feel it welling all the way up my back and it was a horrid sensation. I was a little shocked from the procedure and just laid in my room flat for several hours not wanting to move.

The headache came on strong in the following days. Since Piper wasn't ready to come home when I got released from the hospital they let me "board" at the hospital in the room that I had stayed in so I could be close to her. It was nice to have some time to rest and to be able to breast feed.

On Monday afternoon Piper was ready to come home. I was so happy she was eating and breathing well and we could finally introduce her to the kids!!

By Wednesday the headache was all consuming. I had to take Piper to the doctor and by the time the doctor walked into the room I was sobbing. The lights and the sounds were just too much. I just wanted to be in my dark room and away from the scary bright world!!!

Slowly the headache faded and Piper was gaining weight again! Wow! Having babies is really something. So glad all that is over and we have the cutest sweetest little baby girl!

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