Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Perfect Day

I want to remember today! April 29, 2015. It wasn't a special occasion or a day really different from others except for the fact it was. 

I want to remember the way the breeze came through the open windows bringing springtime into the house. The sunlight pouring in. Everything is alive.

I want to remember the smell of the chicken and veggies cooking in the oven (my first whole chicken ever!!) the smell of a momma who loves her family and wants to give them good things to fill their bellies. 

I want to remember the laughter of all the neighborhood kids playing in our back yard. Otter pops and kareoke And swings and bikes. I was completely smitten that such happiness existed in my backyard. I love
to see my kids smile. 

I want to remember the baby in my arms that slows my life down and makes it simple to remember what counts yet so difficult to get anything done!! So much purpose in such a little body. I fall in love every day. 

I want to remember my sister happy and in love, tan and lovely with possibility springing from her pores. She confides in me again. I love her company and being a part of her life. 

I want to remember the excitement of my husband coming home. The kids say at dinner it was their favorite part of the day. I'm beyond pleased I married a man like that. He kisses me and takes the baby. He is wonderful. 

The day was perfect. It was full of love and innocence and hope and comfort. I never want to forget this day. 


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  2. Tears are in my eyes. So absolutely perfect. When the scriptures say that "men are that they might have joy" - these are the days it's talking about. Pure joy. When you're my age, the crazy days will be a blur to you, but these days will be etched in your heart forever.