Thursday, May 7, 2015

Piper Comes Home

We were so excited to bring home our pink bundle of joy! Finally we could get those stupid wires and IV's off her and just hold her completely free. Jake left work early to come get us and off we went to see the kids! It was so fun  to see that Jess had made a little banner that said "Welcome Home Piper" and the house looked soo clean. I was so happy to be home. 

Zoey and Logan immediately fell in love with her. We just spent the day being together. Jess had taken Charly to a hotel since Charly was sick and she was worried about having her near the new baby but it just felt wrong not having Jess and Charly there. We decided for FHE to get a pizza and deliver it to them for a short visit! 

So now we are a family of 5!! IT feels good and feels complete. I am so thankful to have these beautiful children. They bless my life so much. They are so innocent and naive and I love the spirit they bring into my life. I know this baby will bless our lives. 

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