Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Piper's Birth Day!

My due date came and went like always! I was busy that week at work getting ready for my new sub and I wanted to get through the next few days of student conferences. This little baby was sooo good and waiting until my day off to come into the world! I took off Thursday and was sitting on the couch at 9:00am when I felt my first contraction! I texted mom and Jake because I was so excited my body actually produced a contraction on its own...and they didn't go away! They were about 15-30 min apart all day so my mom told me to hurry and get in my fun for the day because I might be in labor. 

I went to the temple and got a nice lunch and lounged around on the couch for a while. Linda brought the kids from school and we made our little homemade pizzas and it was at that time I realized the contractions were still coming and getting stronger and closer together. 

By 10pm that night I was getting ready to go to the hospital because they were stronger and pretty consistent with what they recommend for coming in. We went into L&D and stayed in triage for about an hour. They were getting so much stronger and much more painful but because I wasn't 4cm dilated they wouldn't let me stay. I was doubled over in pain by the time we left. The nurse said " you'll know" when to come back. 
I laid on the couch and tried to sleep in between contractions and finally about 3:30am I could take it any longer and asked Jake to bring me back. By the time I got in the elevator at the hospital I was sobbing. The nurses wheeled me right into a delivery room when they saw what a hot mess I was. I was 4.5cm!! Yay I could stay!! 

They got my IV and epidural going right away  thank goodness. The epidural wasn't administered properly and it went a little too far into my spine creating a very concentrated numbing to my whole body. I was getting dizzy and everything was numb. I was even having trouble speaking. They gave me oxygen and I fell asleep.

I dilated slowly....of course. About 10am Jess Nelson came and then a bit later our birth photographer came. My epidural was wearing off because they had to disconnect it but they kept giving me small doses which helped a lot. I was kind of quiet and sleepy and out of it for most of the labor. Everyone was really patient. A little before noon I was ready to push. My sister showed up last minute and I was really happy to have her there. 
Dr. Ollerton delivered the baby. I had gone the day before to meet him. There are so many in his practice that I swear I saw a different OB every time. I couldn't feel anything which was great and bad and I was afraid I would be pushing for a long time. BUT... I pushed that baby right out! I pushed through 3 contractions and out she came!! My precious Piper was here!!! It was really emotional and wonderful to have her in my arms! 

Our Piper Sue Nelson was born 8 lbs 13 oz/20 inches and born at 12:01pm. She was given the middle name Sue after my mom and best friend Melissa Sue, two women in my life that have been loyal and strong women that I couldn't imagine my life without. I hope my little Piper is as wonderful a friend as they have been to me. 

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