Monday, January 12, 2015

RELIGION: With Zoey & Logan

 I want to make sure I capture all of the cute and touching conversations I encounter with the kids and their sweet little testimonies and love for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I will be making a big effort to get each convo in this book!

The other day I was in the bathroom doing my hair and Logan walks in. He had been in my room playing a game on the ipad and he is holding the ipad and he looks at me and says:

"How did the wise men know that Jesus was born?"

uhhh.what? lol. I was so thrown off by the depth of this question even though to him it must have been a simple question. To know that he is thinking of these things along with Zoey and they run through theirs heads is so touching for me.

I told Logan that they saw the sign and the star and went to look for Jesus. I told him the shepherds knew because an angel came and told them.

He asked "How did the angel know Jesus was born?" I said, "Because Heavenly Father sent him to tell them about the baby"

"How does Heavenly Father hear our prayers" I told him, 'It's kind of like magic'

Man! This kid it really quizzing me! lol. I love every second of it.

Several months ago while the sacrament was being passed he asked "Why did Jesus have to die?" and "Why did the bad people kill him?"

With Zoey she really absorbs the things being said in sacrament meeting. She will comment on the talks and things being said. She really listens and learns things.

She was soooo excited when my mom mentioned that Jesus LOVES Santa because Santa helps bring love to people. This little girl truly knows that Jesus loves her!

I love these kids!

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