Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas Fun!

   It has been so fun to get ready for Christmas in our own place!! I have been going a little crazy with the Christmas crafts but have had so much fun with it! We have been doing lots of fun Christmas things. 
At the beginning of the month we went to a Nativity event with Jake's family. It was wonderful. They created a bethlehem that had activities and children dancing in the "town" and made it very realistic! They had us journey to different rooms for the different nativity scenes and there was excellent singing. It was a great way to start the season.

It has been really fun coming home and seeing all the packages on the door step from me and my mom's online ordering. Everyday it was like a mini Christmas to get home and see what arrived!! 

I was in charge of my school Christmas party and that turned out awesome. We did Christmas morning (the party was at 7am) and we did a mock fireplace and had everyone's stockings (all 87) around the room and a Christmas tree. We had a big breakfast feast and played Christmas pictionary. It was just really really fun (and exhausting)! 

I took another half day to go and see Zoey and Logan in their Christmas Program at school. They are so cute to watch singing with their class in the PJ's. Santa was there too! 

Jake of course did lights on the house and we were pretty much the only house on our street to do them... bummer. We didn't buy a tree this year and just used the small fake tree we already had and ended up loving it. 

We went to Jake's work Christmas party that was catered at the Provo City Library. He got a nice fat Christmas bonus too plus some gift cards from his boss. So glad he is working with great people and at a company that is actually making money. He seems to be doing well there. 

We did our ward Christmas party. It was hilarious to see how you cater dinner for a ward of 500!!! lol. It's a great ward though and everyone is friendly and down to earth.  We also had Linda and Lloyd's Christmas party.

So needless to say we've been keeping busy. Maybe at times a little too busy for a prego mama entering her third trimester but it was all still really special! 

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