Saturday, January 3, 2015

Logan's 4th Birthday Adventure!

Logan knew exactly what he wanted to do for his birthday starting way back in October! He wanted to go to Kangeroo Zoo, McDonald's and Chuck E Cheese!! I took off a half day and started the extravganza! Thank goodness for a little down time in between because this little guy needed a power nap to get ready for round two! 
After Chuck E Cheese we went to Grandma and Grandpa's for cake and presents! Logan loved his Picasso Tiles and Hess Truck and all his new toys! He is already planning his birthday for next year. haha. 

Logan's personality has exploded in the last six months! Here are something about Logan these days:

- He loves to talk about good guys and bad guys (super heros and villans)
- He is pretty much completely potty trained except we haven't tried nights yet!
- He loves to have conversations and really understand things.
- He is really good at expressing his feelings. He doesn't like to see others sad. 
- We still don't know what "Boom Boom" is but he says it all the time and in any context.
-He loves to cuddle with mommy and will search her out at night to cuddle up!
-He is really good at his ipad games. Banana Kong and the Crab game especially. Jake is starting to let him play xbox and its  nightmare cause they are over his head!
- He is easy to anger and gets frustrated easily.
- He LOVES bananas and yogurt together! And string cheese and oranges and Oreos
- He still uses FR before a lot of words. I might look into getting his speech evaluated just to make sure he is where he should be.
-Everyone still calls him everyone! 
- He writes his name by himself and is doing great at school. He couldn't care less about coloring pictures and making his art look nice but he attempts everything and is proud of it. 
- He once said "I don't like Jesus, he's creepy"
- He bit Zoey on the butt and when he saw the huge bruise the next day almost in tears he says "It's all my fault" and Zoey says... "It's ok. I like blue" 
- Yesterday he said "I know everything but not anything else"
- He asks about baby Piper a lot and when she is coming out. He is really excited to be a big brother. 

I love this guy. He makes us crazy and crazy happy. I can't wait to see him in the role of big brother. I know he will be awesome. 

Happy 4th Birthday Gigi!

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