Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Jake's New Job

It was pretty deveststing when Jake lost his job in March. We felt blessed that he found a job working at wholesale landscape supply and the boss really
Valued him but he took a huge pay cut being there. I have no idea how we stayed on top of our goals. God really blessed us so much during this time! 

Jake interviewed at Goldpoint systems in May. We studied like crazy for the interview that we knew he wasn't really qualified for. We were sad when the job didn't pan out. About a month later they called back with a different opening and after two more awesome interviews they offered him a job as a loan origination specialist. 

We also found out that our tenant was going to renew her lease savings us thousands of dollars and just giving us added security! 

We seriously are feeling showered with blessings. We really are aware that God has a plan for us and that he heard and answered our prayers. 

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