Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Quick Trip To NY and CT

I had some flight points and vouchers that I needed to use so I took a mini trip home by myself. 
It rained the while time I was in NY! It ruined our 4th of July plans and our last min plans to go see James Taylor at tanglewood!! We found tickets on craigslist and then as soon as we got there the thunder and lightening were relentless! They wouldn't even let anyone with lawn seats into the venue. We were so bummed! So.... We sat in our car and watched people try to walk in knowing they would be turned around in a second. We ate our fancy picnic food and giggled about people's droopy expressions as they got rejected like us. We sure made it an adventure though! 

I went to CT to spend some time with melissa. We did zumba in her living room and hit up friendlys! She bought me a delicious meal at the restaurant she works. We got to do lots of talking. I love her and even though life is crazy right now I know she will pull through and do amazing things. 

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