Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

It was such a busy week with jake being gone and my dessert buffet and my relief society weekday activity that I'm the leader for and just a million things going on but I still managed to have fun with valentines day! It's so fun to have kids to enjoy it more! 
Zoey was super star in her class and had to bring in snacks and I found the tutorial to make these cute robots and couldn't resist! Zoey is such a big helper gluing eyes and bows. She loved these as much as I did and Linda helped me too. 

Throughout the week I had the kids help me make hearts and write things we love about everyone in our family. Valentines Eve I "heart attacked" everyone's doors. It's now April and everyone still hAs them on their doors. 

Jake came back fri and had to work so jess and I went and got pho. I was sad jake wasn't there but sat we went to salt lake to have dinner at Flemings. 

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