Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sick Logan

Gigi woke up with huge huge swollen lymph nods thAt stayed huge for several days that we decided to take him in to the dr. Dr. Ashby was very very alarmed by the size of them and his tonsils! He immediately tested positive for strep. Dr. Ashby was concerned enough to outline them on his neck so she could make sure the swelling decreased instead of increased. I was so upset by the end of the appointment with worry that something might be very wrong with Logan. Last min they tested Zoey for strep and she was positive too. I was so sad for my kids even though they were jumping around and as silly as normal. Two days later Logan showed enough improvement that we didn't have to get blood work done but it looks like both kids will need their tonsils out. Something to look forward to this summer!!! My kids have been sick almost every week this winter. Hopefully surgery will really help to keep them healthy. 

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