Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I love Zoey (4.5 years old)

My little girl is becoming a little lady! She is so wise and so intuitive of everyone and everything around her. She loves to really understand. She is always aware of people's feelings, and there is not much you can't explain to her. 

Zoey is about to finish her first year of preschool and her first year of dance. She is good at knowing the sound of her letters and can write her name, even though she would never let on that she can. She likes to try to sound out words. She is getting better at solving problems like getting her own snacks, and toys. 

This girl can not get enough of mommys and babys! She now likes to pretend she is pregnant, or that her animals are birthing babies. If I can ever get pregnant again, she will be thrilled!! 

I have been really touched by Zoey's testimony in Jesus Christ. She seems so in tune with His love for her. She loves Bible stories (she is watching Prince of Egypt as we speak asking about Moses), and LOVE LOVES the Nativity Story and the story of His Ressurection. She speaks of Him as if he was living in this house with us. She is a great example to me. 

Zoey is still attached to her binky but we are going to be getting rid of them during spring break! There will be no going back! 

We have started to take away naps because both kids have been up so so late when they have naps. Oh how we miss naps. 

Zoey weighs about 40lb and is about 38" tall. She is the perfect little 4T! We love our Zoey. 

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