Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Early Christmas

Christmas came early because the whole family came to Utah to celebrate Bryant getting married. We met on Monday at Thanksgiving point for some more photos with Santa! We were sad that Will couldn't be with us. We are trying to figure out how to photoshop him into the pictures! 

Tues I got half a day and got to shop with mom, jess and jenn at City Creek. In the evening Jess and Charly came with us to  wedding reception for Boomer Hawks where we got to catch up with Winters, DeMouras, Fitzgaralds and Ketcheson's. It was fun to see everyone again! Then Jess of the pleasure of coming to Zumba with me!! She loved the class as much as me (well  that might not be possible) but it was fun dancing side by side again!

Wed was Bry's wedding. We worked half days and then rushed to the kitchen to finish the cupcakes for the wedding.  The wedding was simple and sweet. We are so happy for Bry and Jen!  We were glad we go to be there and glad I got to have my whole family there.

Wed night was a cake pop marathon except for the fact that I got really sick and Jake and Linda and Jess had to step in and save the day! They were up really late finishing cake pops for me! Then they both were throwing up themselves. 

I took off Thurs and was feeling so much better but with Linda sick I was glad I could step in. Thankfully KAren said the kids could come and play. I had so much madness going on with groupon orders and was up with Jake until 2am Thurs night and 3:30am fri night trying to get our orders done! 

I finally got to spend some real time with my family Sat night. We all went out to Outback and then hung out at the condo my parents rented. Overall I was pretty exhausted from the week and wish I had a few more days. My mom said she cried on the plane because she missed us already. Glad to have parents that love me so much! 

Can't wait for them to come back!

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