Sunday, September 23, 2012

New School Year & New Beginnings

I always dread a new school year. And can you blame me..... teacher's get all summer off. It was quite the extended summer for me with leaving Baltimore in Feb and doing some subbing here and there. Mostly, I just got to enjoy my kids and being with them and having a wide open week was pretty amazing. 

Jake and I have a tenant in Maryland who doesn't really pay her rent and the eviction process seems like a nightmare, so we have been putting it off every time she gives us a little bit of money and because we are afraid she will destroy our lives through the eviction process. We will see what October brings. 

Anyway, with that said, I decided to get a job so Jake and I could try to get out of some of the debt that has been drowning us. I think I get my first pay check tomorrow or Tues and that will be a huge relief. 

I am teaching middle school now in an area of Utah that is a bit rough. The school has a bad reputation, and I have witnessed it myself after 1 sub job that basically was the worst day teaching in my life. Yet, somehow here I am, full time at the same school.

The first week was rough. I hated it. But after 5 weeks, I actually am enjoying it. The students are not bad at all. The new administration is really kicking things into high gear and I certainly am not letting anyone get away with anything. Overall, they are really good kids. I feel more connected with them then I ever did with my high school students. Strange.

I do not like the middle school schedule though. I can't keep up and before I know it the bell is ringing and I have to get going on my next lesson. I think it will take some good time to get my brain functioning at the right rate. 

Ok. Well, I must run and get Zoey settled for bed. Logan is teething and grumpy and I put him down early tonight. Zoey is currently in the "why?" stage. It's not cool having to explain EVERYTHING you are doing. lol. She sure is cute though, Gigi too!


  1. What school are you teaching at? I am glad you are liking it now!

  2. Hey Stay! I had to tell you my funny small-world connection. I got an email last night from a friend in my ward, who is also one of my visiting teachers, McKenna (Lethbridge) Ralls, asking how I know you guys because she saw the link for your blog on my blog list. She said she's known Jake for a long time and he's still friends with her brother. I laughed when I saw her email because it really is a small world, huh? Hope you guys are doing well! We should really get together sometime, since we're both in Utah county :)

    Have a great weekend, and enjoy Conference!