Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sarah's Wedding

I didn't get to post any pics of Sarah's wedding yet, so here are some great ones! The colors turned out awesome and fun and perfect to reflect Sarah and her fun loving personality!
The wedding went great! It was a little crazy getting the flowers and Jake to the wedding. Jake's flight was canceled so I ended up carpooling with Meliss and Enoch. Jake got into NYC a little later, and came up in my dad's truck later in the evening. Poor guy had his flight canceled while he was in Denver. He had Logan too and it was a nightmare trying to get him on a different flight. Thankfully Laura was in Colorado and came to the rescue and let them crash there over night.

The first thing we did at the wedding was learn a choreographed dance Sarah wanted the bridal party to perform at the reception! lol. The dance was to Love Shack. It def got the bridal party friendly quickly. 

We headed to a rehearsal dinner where Jake finally met us near the end. 

The spent the evening and pretty much all night making all the bouquets and boutineers for the bridal party. It was funny to be doing it in a hotel room in a little part of the room, trying hard not to wake up Liss, Enoch and Jake. The flowers came out nice and thankfully didn't die!

In the morning, the girls headed to get hair done, but I took Melissa with me to help set up some flowers at the lake club where the wedding would be held. The area was so pretty and rural, and the lake house and golf course looked awesome. 

Sarah had so many people helping out with getting the wedding set up. She is lucky to have so many people who love her so much. It was really special seeing all these people come together to create the perfect wedding for her and Nick.

The wedding was perfect. Everyone looked great in their yellow dresses and Sarah was a perfect gorgeous bride!! It was perfect weather and everything went so smoothly! Now... on to KAri's wedding in June 2013!!

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