Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Zoo

One day we woke and decided.... "hey! Let's go to the Zoo today!" It was a great day for the Zoo. It wasn't crowded and was in the 80's and the kids loved it!  Zoey talked about all of the animals and wanted to see the Tiger from the second she got there!

Gigi was happy to ride in the stroller and point at the animals and speak in his little language than none of us can translate.

 The seals and the polar bear were the definite highlights of the day. They were not bashful at all!

The polar bear was so funny. He would rise out of the water, push his feet off the glass, go backward in the water, flip off a rock on the side and then would come back and do it all over again. He did this for the 20 min we were watching him!

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