Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Trip to NY #1 - Diana's Wedding

Couldn't Keep This Kids Sitting

Beginning of June we all flew out to NY to see family and to go to Diana's Wedding in PA.  I think I spent two weeks packing for the trip. Not that I packed a lot, but tried to pack enough to entertain the kids of the flights, and to bring just the bare minimum of what we needed. We were of course worried about our little jumping beans making it a really rough flight. We packed snacks, candy, movies, games, binkies, bottles, and even little wrapped presents to give them every 30 min or so. Wow. Flying with two toddlers is no fun!!

We got to Newark and my parents took the kids and Jake and I took the rental car and stayed in Newark for the night. Of course the room I thought I booked wasn't booked. I was able to get on the business center computer at the hotel and book the room really fast with my awesome discount from Kari Dawson! Thanks Kari!

Excited for Take Off!!
Jake and I headed over to PA the next day and made a few stops along the way. We had to hit up Friendly's cause we heard they were going out of business, and because they have awesome ice cream! :o)
We got over to PA and checked into our hotel. Of course I had to book the cheaper hotel cause we had already spent a million dollars on flights. The hotel seemed nice from the outside, but was basically a dump. So much for a romantic wedding weekend! Our room number was written on with permanent marker. Classy.

Friday night was the Welcome Ceremony for Diana's wedding. I haven't seen my girlfriends in so long. It was great to catch up and celebrate with Diana. She looked gorgeous and was just glowing.

The girls minus Liss. :o(

Welcome Reception. 

Cotton Candy Maker At Movies! GENIUS!
On Saturday Jake and I took Pat (Kari's boyfriend) to the movies with us since we had most of the day to kill.  We saw "Snow White and the Huntsman". Jake and I loved it. We had fun taking Pat on a "date". He passes Kari! 
Heading to the Wedding

We all met at the Best Western at 6pm so we could take the bus to Jesse's parent's house where they were having the wedding! Jesse and Diana "revealed" themselves to each other before we headed over on the BUS! Fun right?!

The wedding was gorgeous. The tent, and the yard and all the details were beautifully planned out. A lot of love was put into that wedding. The cocktail hour was before the ceremony. We got to just relax together in the back of the house with Diana. It was nice to spend that time with her.

 The ceremony was after sunset, and the rabbi did an amazing job. It was great to see a traditional jewish wedding. Diana and Jesse looked really natural and happy throughout the ceremony.

The reception had great international station, live band and even a huge ice sculpture of Gus, their sweet dog. I got to be with Liss and Enoch and catch up with them. It kills me that we aren't closer to each other.

Sunday we headed back to Poughkeepsie and spent 3 days with my family.  We got to jetski, and eat lots of bad foods, and just hang out. I would have had pictures of our time together but left my phone and camera at the wedding!

In August we go back for Sarah's wedding! Zoey and I will fly out for an extra week. My mom has the whole week off and has lots of fun stuff planned for us. JAke said that being on the east coast feels like home. I like that he loves it so much, but being here in Utah feels right too. I am glad we get to make so many trips home this summer for all these really special events!!

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