Saturday, June 30, 2012

Losing Weight

A year ago I was the heaviest weight I have ever been. After having two babies so close together, I just packed on the weight! And man, I was so unhappy and uncomfortable in my body. I decided to get to it and get back to my college weight. I have completely changed my eating habits, and I have become obsessed with exercising. I not only got back to my college weight but am now the skinniest I have ever been in my adult life. I am in no way "skinny", but I look healthy and am happy with what I have accomplished. 

My typical eating is about 1000-1300 calories. I usually eat closer to 1800 calories a day on the weekends (a girl still needs her baked goods). I also workout at least4 days a week. I mix it up between Zumba and running on the treadmill. I love the rec center here in Pleasant Grove. So inexpensive and they offer daycare. The Zumba teachers are great.

I found I am most successful when I stop eating at 7pm and workout at night. I most ALWAYS see a loss on the scale the next morning. (in case anyone was looking for a good tip)

I still have another 10-20 lbs to go. But even if I didn't lose a single pound I feel pretty awesome.

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