Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter in Pleasant Grove

 We had a perfect Easter week in Pleasant Grove! My parents came out from NY with Charly and we got lots of family time!

They came on Thursday night, and we all met in Salt Lake including Bry, Kristie and Will at Costa Vida (or Cost-a Vida as my mom calls it). We ate and tried to have some convo but the kids were running around like crazy, so we ended up at McDonald's play place. The kids ran around and we got to relax a little.

Saturday we started out the day attempting an easter egg hunt at Thanksgiving Point. It was so expensive and so crowded. After we paid we walked in to hear there was a forever long wait just for the egg hunt. We turned around and got our money back and decided to find something else. We found Hee Haw Farms right in Pleasant Grove. Although we missed the egg hunt, they had tons for the kids to do and on a smaller scale that they were more free to run around. They had a huge slide with potato sacks, a fenced in petting zoo with baby animals out for the kids to chase and pet and kiss and feed. We did the facepainting and the tractor ride, and the pony ride. It was a darling little place! I can't wait to bring Zoey and Logan back again!

Saturday night we did a camp fire with Jake's family up in the canyon. Bry came down and met us after work.  It was a lot colder than expected, but I always love a fire and family.

Sunday we went to church! It was fun getting the kids Easter outfits this year. They always look so cute when they are all dressed up. After church we went up to Mt Timp temple to see the grounds and take some pictures. It was perfect weather and a perfect place to capture the cuteness of our little family. Oh, and Happy 30th Birthday Bry! So glad we got to spend so much time with you!!

Linda and Lloyd made an awesome Easter feast for us and then the kids did an Easter egg hunt in the back yard. Zoey and Logan caught on really fast to the excitement of candy in little eggs that they can have all to themselves! Zoey woke up in the morning wanting "Easter Eggs". Don't worry. We will make sure she understands the Atonement and the true meaning of Easter, but a two year old is only gonna remember the candy at the moment!

 Monday we headed up to Draper and got pictures of all the kids with my parents at FOTOFLY. Amazingly enough the kids actual sat, they actual smiled and they actually got a few shots.

From Draper we went north to meet up with David Jacobs and his family for dinner. I loved seeing David and Heather and their little ones. I can't believe Brody is 8 years old. Hayden is 6 and they have two little boys Logan's age.  Heather and I just chatted all night. I just love her. They are like family. Charly wasn't feeling well, but it didn't stop all the other kids from having a blast jumping off things and being silly!!

Tuesday me, mom and dad picked up Jake in Taylorsville at work and went to City Creek, the new mall in Salt Lake. It is gorgeous and so well done. We did a little shopping and got some lunch and sat outside in the awesome food court. I loved being with my parents and hubby! I rarely get them all to myself! We went to the temple with Linda and Lloyd and my parents and to JCW's for dinner. The boys then had a "meeting" and mom got to see Linda's best friend Sharron's Watermelon Apartment!

Wednesday my parents missed their flight, and came down to spend some time with us during the day. It was sad to say goodbye. I love having my family close by. Hopefully we can get them out here for good!!

Thanks for the great memories fam! It was a great Easter to add to many we've spent together.

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