Friday, April 13, 2012

The Flu

I had the lucky privilege of getting the stomach flu this week! It hit me in the middle night and I basically stayed in the bed from Wednesday to Friday! I had hoped that since the kids had the flu shots (at least I thought they did) that I would only be the one to suffer.


The throwing up and diarrhea started Friday night with Logan. And then just a few short hours later Zoey joined the fun.

We were up with Zoey all night catching her throw up in a bucket. She slept on towels in between us in bed. It was a smelly and long night.

The both of them were in good spirits on Sunday. Luckily it was Conference weekend and we were staying home to listen anyway. We changed so many diapers and it seems like everything smelt of vomit.

It was just one of those weekends that one day I will look back and laugh about. It was so miserable going through it and watching them go through it.

Jake escaped it for the most part except for one  day of stomach cramps and throwing up once. I got the worse of it, putting me in bed for almost 3 days. I lost 5 pounds in 3 days from being so dehydrated and not being able to eat anything. I was miserable but still pretty excited about the weight loss, until I gained it all back within a matter of days once I started on regular foods and liquids again. Bummer.

I've never had the flu before. I even tried to go in for my sub job, but after barely being able to drive there and having chills and cold sweats and a fever, I left and didn't get out of bed for 8 hrs.

I think next year I will get everyone the flu shot!

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