Monday, March 26, 2012

Monster Jam 2012

It was Monster Truck rally weekend down in Vegas and we had a blast going down and having fun with family!

Jake, Jess and I headed down early so we could go to SUU to attend the Senior Expo for Jess. She is going there after graduation and it was fun to go and see the campus with her!

Before the expo started we stopped to get a little birthday present for me..... a Mustang Convertible car rental.

Except.... we got there and there was no convertible available! But....they said we could have any car on the lot and they gave us a hefty discount. You know me.... love a hefty discount!

So, we picked the Jeep Wrangler! Jake and I have been eyeing this car for a few months, so I was excited to get my hands on it!

We went to the Senior Expo and then headed down to St. George for some shopping! Of course on my birthday when I actually would allow myself to splurge on an outfit, I can't find a darn thing!! We stopped at Brick Oven and then headed back to Cedar City to stay with Jake's aunt and uncle.

Lloyd and Josh met us there and Saturday early afternoon we headed down to Vegas. We stopped to eat at a casino buffet (where I ate more in one sitting than I have in 8 months when I started dieting!) We also headed down the strip and took advantage of having the jeep tops down and the nice weather!!!

The Monster Jam was perfect. Perfect weather. Perfect entertainment. And a darn near perfect hot pretzel! The trucks were doing back flips, and double back flips, and catching on fire and all the good stuff to get you off your feet with excitement. Of course there were a million drunks and trashy people, but it's not a monster truck rally without them!

It was a great weekend and really fun way to spend my 28th bday! Thanks Linda for watching my babies so I could have a great weekend!!

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