Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Losing Linkin

Unless you have had to opportunity to know the love and loyalty of a dog, then you really might not understand the sadness in losing them. We lost Linkin on Feb 29th. He was staying with my parents in NY while Jake and I figured out our living situation here in Utah.
My mom let Moose and Linkin out early one morning and minutes later my mom got a phone call. A woman was on the other end screaming and crying. She had hit Linkin with her car. My dad ran out of the house shirtless and shoeless. He carried back a lifeless Linkin back to the house. They tried to bless him and revive him, but he was already gone. He didn't seem hurt, but just looked like he was sleeping peacefully. My dad laid him on the bed and stayed by his side most of the day hoping he would wake up. He never did.

My mom had to tell me. We cried on the phone for a long time. I cried most of the day. Jake was really quiet. We loved Linkin so much. He was our first family member. It has been so hard living day to day without him. My parents loved him so much too. My mom said she has never seen my dad cry so hard. My dad and Linkin were the best of friends. I am so sad that my dad had to see that all happen.

Jake and I know that Linkin is in a good place. We hope he knows how much happiness he brought to us. We miss him every day. I often just break down thinking of him. I also smile a lot remembering how much fun he was. I think Jake misses him most of all. He mentions him daily. He says a piece of him is missing.

My parents are bringing Links ashes to Utah when they visit in a few weeks. I think he would have wanted his ashes to be sprinkled in the wind as we drive in our car with the windows down.

I have been wanting to make a "What We Love About Linkin" post for a long time. Long before he died, but sadly I am now only getting around to it. But, these are the things we loved about Linkin.

~ He rode on our shoulders in the car. One time he was so comfy he peed down Jake's back!

~ He often sat eagerly at the back door waiting to chase down the squirrels. After he would come back in, he would be ready for another chase in a minute or so.

~ When we let him out the back he would run the yard in diagonal lines to make sure he covered all his territory.

~ He barked at the neighbors in their own yard EVERYTIME! How dare they enjoy their own yards!

~ He watched TV. Any spotting of an animal would drive him wild with excitement! After a while he would coming running if the commercial jingle was snappy enough cause he thought it would be a dog food ad or something.

~ He always pulled on his leash. Always. Everytime.

~ He loved to lick empty tuna cans.

~ He would always cuddle into Jake legs at night.

~ At night I loved to cuddle Linkin in my arms. He hated this, so pretty soon when I called him to come and cuddle he would stand up, jump off the bed and hide under it. Somedays he couldn't escape my loving and I would drag him out from under the bed to kiss and love him!

~ If Jake and I were kissing, Linkin would come running from anywhere in the house. He always to get in on the kissing! This is also how we could trick him into cuddling with us!

~ When you walked through the front door Linkin would get so excited he would find a random shoe and take off running down the hall with it.

~ The second we got off the highway in NY near my parent's house, he would freak out cause he knew he was going to Grandma and Grandpa's house!!

~ Toby and Moose were his best dog friends!

~ He smelt soo good after a bath!

~ After a bath he would just run room to room rubbing his wet body all over the floor and furniture to try and dry off.

~ Linkin would have turned 4 this month.

Until we meet again Linkin. You will be in our thoughts! You were such an important part of our family. It will be hard to create memories without you! Thank you for loving us and bringing so much joy into our hearts!


  1. So sorry to hear about Linkin, Stace. I hope you guys find the comfort you're seeking! Love you guys!

  2. I am so sorry! I can't even imagine. I hope all else is going well for you. I miss you!