Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bye Bye Baltimore

Tomorrow I will head off to Utah to start a new phase for the Nelson Family. It has been surreal packing up all of our stuff and seeing the rooms empty as people from the w
ard have helped move everything into the moving truck.

This is where we really got started. This is where two crazy kids in love turned into a family. This is the place we came to when we first got our keys and were so excited and ordered chinese and ate it and watched TV it in the basement and I almost threw up cause I was pregnant with Zoey. This is the place we brought our newborn babies home to. This is the place where Linkin could run free in his yard, chasing the squirrels. This is the place Jake and I set up tents in our back yard just cause we felt like camping! This is the place Zoey climbed ont
o the roof when we weren't looking. This is the place Logan started walking at 9 months. This is the place we brought ALL of our IKEA furniture after a good Wednesday "as is" sale. This is the place we made AMAZING bbq ribs in our crockpot, and even better grilled pineapple on the grill. This is the place Jake and I watched our endless hours of redbox movies. This is the place I was so angry I threw a cupcake at the wall (of course I don't remember why I was angry). This is the place we piled the kids in the red wagon and Linkin on his leash and walked to the park and around the neighborhood. This is place we listened to our ice cream truck drive down the street every Sunday playing "Jingle Bells and "Deck
the Halls". This is the place that Jake's approval for graduation was sent. This is the place Jake and I spent many moments laughing at the cuteness of our kids, and the silliness of ourselves. This is the place that I will never want to forget a second of.

We love this house. We loved the lives we had here. We know it's time to move on and know lot's of good things come our way.

We are so grateful to my parents and Jake's parents for being so supportive in this big move. My parents came down so many weekends to help me
pack and keep me company. Jake's parent's are letting us into their homes and have done such a good job loving my kids while I was apart from them. We are so blessed to have them in our lives.

So... See ya Maryland. We will miss so much about this place.

signing papers to buy the house!

Zoey's First Halloween - 2 weeks

Logan 6 months

Jake and the kids

Zoey and Logan's Nursery

Our Home - 909 Olmstead Rd

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