Friday, January 27, 2012

My Last Day At Liberty High School

Today is my last day at work. Yesterday was my last day with students. It was a great day. My student's threw me a party in one of my classes (the instructional assistants help them of course) and I just got to sit and talk with them and enjoy being one of the kids for the day. One of my students even stood up and serenaded me with "Time To Say Goodbye" in his "opera voice". You have to know this kid to know it was pretty hilarious AND awesome! He sang the WHOLE song in Italian. He is a big guy and quite the jokster! I loved every second of it.

My department threw me a little party on Tuesday after school. So many people came down to chat and say goodbye. I was really touched and feel really lucky to have worked in such a great school. Today they are having a cake for me (and I WILL be having some) and then me and some of my co-workers are getting some lunch.

I know I will be really sad to leave my classroom for the last time. It was definitely a place of many memories and moments of growth as an adult and teacher. I went from a new teacher right out of college, not married yet, and now I am a tenured teacher, married with kids. Wow. Time changes things.

I'm not sad though. I know my family is where I belong and that these past 5 years have just been stepping stones to the new adventures that await me. I am really ready to go. Two months ago tears formed in my eyes everytime I thought about having to leave my job. Today. I am just ready.

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