Monday, February 20, 2012

Moving Day

I was pretty nervous about moving everything out of the house without Jake. But, with the help of my dad who is a super packer and some guys from church, everything went perfectly!

Dad came in on Thursday and we spent the day organizing and packing up what we could. Friday morning we picked up the rental truck. Wow. I was pretty intimidated. The truck was 22' plus the trailer was an extra 15' behind that. How in the world was I supposed to maneuvre this things across the country?!

I got some practice driving and was relieved it was easier than I thought. I think dad was relieved too that I could handle the big bad truck!

We had people come and help fri night and sat afternoon and dad and I did the rest.

I stayed pretty strong throughout the whole process until I started moping the sun room. I lost it for a bit while I moped. Dad helped me take down the owl bell chime that was there when we bought the house. I just remember that owl hanging there when we first looked at the house. We were so excited to have our own home. I will be taking that owl to every house we ever own!

On Sunday Jess, Charly and mom came down. I got the phone call that our agent had placed someone in our home starting in March for the Rent-to-Own property. Perfect timing. I had been feeling so stressed about leaving our home unsold and rented. I know we were blessed with this news because we had the leap of faith to move to Utah.

My heart was really full walking through the empty house. I kept myself busy enough to keep the tears at bay most of the day. The tears still came as I locked the front door and walked down the steps for the last time. Of course someone was honking their horn at me to drive faster so I didn't even have time to look back. Darn Baltimore!

Well....I was really excited to spend a few days with Jess on our trip across the country. More pics to come on that!

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