Friday, January 13, 2012

The Christmas Post That Never Was

I've been slacking big time. I left my camera in Utah when I went out there for Christmas. Christmas 2011 was so wonderful! It was my 1st Christmas not being with my parent's. I sure did miss them and our traditions, but being with Jake's family and Zoey and Logan was so special.

I flew out Christmas Eve. I was so happy to see the kids and Jake. We got to go see Santa at the Mall. Zoey went running up to him. She loves Santa! Logan wasn't scared either. My kids amaze me with how content they are with everyone. We got our family picture and then the kids got the messiest chocolate lollipops and had a field day with them!

We spent the evening at Grandma Joy's house. It is ONE PACKED HOUSE with all of Aunt, Uncles and cousins! We did presents, and dinners and sang some songs and took lots of pictures. During presents Zoey had a moment of true concern when we saw other people opening presents, and she didn't have anything to open. Oh how they learn quickly!

The whole family love Zoey and Logan and it feels good to see them getting to play with other kids and be loved-on my everyone. I mean, they are freakin cute, so it's not hard to love them!

We put the kids to bed and started getting out all the presents for Christmas morning. Wow. They had a lot of presents for two little ones who really have no clue what's going on!

Christmas morning was so simple. Once the babies got up they played with a few toys left unwrapped from Santa and played with the toys in their stocking. Linda and Lloyd went to church and we got the kids down for a nap. We got to open presents will all of Jake's siblings while the kids slept. It was really nice to be with all of them. We all got some nice things and got to play with our own toys before the kids woke up.

Zoey and Logan loved opening all their toys. They got a play kitchen, Little People Farm, play camera and lots of good stuff. Zoey is very into opening presents now!

Christmas night after we put the babies to bed Jake and I headed to Salt Lake City for a little over nighter! We had a great time relaxing and sleeping in a king bed!

The rest of the week we just did fun things and I loved every minute being there!

The day before I flew to Utah I got a wicked tooth ache. It got so bad in Utah that the left side of my face was swollen up to my eye! I was miserable. The dentist thought I might need to go to the ER to receive antibiotics through an IV. Luckily Jake's uncle had some pretty awesome antibiotics he couldn't used and they helped so much! You can see in one of these pictures that I'm having a hard time smiling!

It was a very Merry Christmas! So fun to see them having fun and enjoying the holidays. Hopefully next Christmas we can get the WHOLE family together!!

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