Saturday, December 31, 2011

Logan is 1!

Logan turned 1 on December 8th! Here is a summary of who he is at this age...
I just melt everytime I look into his face. His brown eyes and ivory skin are so adorable! He has my eyes and my dimple, but otherwise he is all Jake!
He also has these really spaced out teeth on the top and when he laughs he looks so funny.
Logan is about 21.8 lbs.
He still only has 7 teeth (has had them since about 8 months).
He is still taking 2 naps a day and for the last 2 months has been sleeping 12-13 hrs a night.
He goes to bed/nap with a bottle and binkie.
He says, "mama" and "dog" and the other day Jake walked into the room and he looked at him and said "dada". sometimes he will try words you ask him to say, like "bubble" or "cupcake" but it comes out "baba" and "caca"
blows kisses
Will go down a slide by himself...usually head first
He still does "If your happy and you know it" and "roll your hands", and "so big"
He likes to feed himself with a spoon and eats whatever we are eating. He is a good eater!!
He pretends to talk on the phone by holding the phone behind his head
He likes to jump off things (sound familiar) but is more cautious than Zoey
He of course walks and climbs up and down stairs, on couches, coffee tables, no problem
He loves to run and give you hugs and kisses with a big open mouth
Loves Ice Cream
Starting to want more independence to do things himself
Growls when he is tired
Loves peekaboo
Logan is definitely his own little person. He is just as busy as Zoey, but he is so even tempered. He doesn't mind when Zoey comes stealing things out of his hands yelling at him "No Gi Gi, Mine!" He just let's her freak out and moves on to the next thing. Smart boy to learn so early to stay out of the way of a woman freaking out!

Sometimes I just watch him amazed that he is mine! What a lucky mommy I am to have such a sweet and beautiful baby boy!

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