Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Trip 1 To UTah

My weekend trip to Utah beginning of Dec was PERFECT! The flights were on time (early even) and I even managed the whole row to myself on one of the flights! Dream come true, except I was too excited to sleep. Seeing Jake was wonderful!!!! I love my husband. We got to stay overnight in Salt Lake since Jake had to work in the morning and I didn't get in until 11:30pm. My husband all to myself... It was as good as a carribean cruise! Kinda.

I was so giddy to see the kids the next morning! I just hugged and kissed them to death. I couldn't believe how grown up Logan looked! He took a second to warm up to me, Zoey too. It was like they didn't believe I was REALLY there. We had so much fun though, playing and celebrating Logan's birthday.The only bad thing is being with Jake I just eat like crap!! Why is that? Popcorn and soda at the movies, a soft taco inbetween lunch a dinner. I would even think of doing it in Baltimore. I have to figure out where those choices are coming from and get a hold on it before I move out there.

Here we are at Kangaroo Zoo! I couldn't get Zoey to sit still long enough to get a picture!

It was so hard to leave, but in just a few short days I will be with them again! I will post tonight on all the fun stuff we did for Logan's birthday! Can't believe my baby is one!

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