Friday, August 5, 2011

Becoming Friends

Zoey loves to hug Logan and she thinks she should carry him around. This is not his favorite thing!

Zoey is doing a great job with sharing for the most part. She always shares her snacks with him. He will just follow her around and wait for her to pass it over! Sometimes we have to remind her to share, but she rarely refuses. sometimes she throws a little fit, but overall I am pretty impressed! She doesn't push, or bite or hit....yet...

Logan loves to play and be silly with Zoey. They play on the bed with Jake and he wants to get thrown around by his daddy just like Zoey gets thrown around! I love when they giggle together!

I love my babies!! Today I was telling Jake that Logan is really catching up to Zoey in size and soon they will look like twins. They will be so cute running around together!

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