Friday, July 22, 2011

Life Is Over As We Know It...

... at least for me and Jake. Ok....sleep is over for us. Ok... that's not true either, but bedtime tonight is a killer! As some of you know, both my kids are teething. Most of you know putting them to bed is a marathon for me, especially when I have to do it alone. Kids 13.5 months apart....BAD IDEA STACEY! And to think we were thinking of trying for #3 this summer. BAD- er IDEA STACEY!

I knew this was bound to happen. After all I have a monkey for a toddler. I put her to bed and she obviously doesn't want to go down so she screams and screams. Since Logan is still up I figure I would give her 5 minutes to try and get herself together and then I would intercept with plan b, whole milk in a bottle (my pediatrician would kill me!). So she is screaming and screaming and then all of a sudden she just stops. Weird....... And then...... She appears before my very eyes. She made her way out of the crib, out of her room, down the stairs and then to me. DAMAGE!

I let her play since Logan is still up anyway, but Logan is getting grumpy so I try again. I lock the gate at the top of the stairs, but a few minutes later she is crying at the gate. Me no likey my friends.

She takes off into the other room and I follow a few minutes later to find her in her high chair. It is a HIGH chair. I have no clue how she climbed her way into it. For a second I thought maybe there was a random stranger in the house assisting her in all these ninja moves. You think if I found him he would help me get the kids to bed? He could rob the house even.

At this point Logan has lost it, so I give Zoey an ice cream cone and put on Dora. (I hate being "that" parent, but I can't have her bursting through Logan's door. I need complete distraction and Ice Cream and Nick JR are key!) I know I have about 10 minutes before she will start screaming for me. I say a prayer as I rock Logan to sleep. If I can get him to sleep then I might have enough patience to wait out Zoey to exhaustion.

As we speak she is shoving her face in front of the screen saying "hi". So....hi from Zoey everyone.

Any mom's out there....I need all the advice in the world right now. How will I solve this problem? Should I get a toddler bed tomorrow?

Ok, well the "boring the life out of her" strategy while I type this post doesn't seem to be working. Off to the next! Night blogland!

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  1. I'm so sorry! I don't even know what we would do if Gavin could get out of his crib. I am holding off on the toddle bed as long as possible.