Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas In Baltimore

Because of all the baby excitement going on with us we decided to stay put for Christmas this year. This was the first Christmas EVER I have not been in NY with my family. I was lucky though and didn't have to do it without my parents who drove down to our house for Christmas.
It was really fun to make some memories in our home with our little ones for Christmas. I can't wait till they are both running around excited out of their minds for Santa! For now.... it's just Jake doing that!!
I love how excited Jake is for Holidays, especially Christmas. He is all about traditions!
Zoey opening 1 of the MANY presents Santa brought!

She was so overwhelmed by it all that after an hour she did her baby sign language for sleep and walked herself to her room for a nap!! Can you see it in this pic?

Grandma brought Linkin a snuggie for Christmas. Too bad I'm covering the whole thing
Dad and buds.

Logan was passed out the whole time. But he had matching pj's with Zoey and was pleased with all his gifts!

After presents we had breakfast and then we packed up my parents and off they went. They took Zoey with them back to NY for some one on one time. She loved being in a new house and spoiled my grandma and grandpa. Jake and I just stayed in bed the rest of Christmas with Logan and ordered Chinese food and were LAZY! It was perfect!

It was a really great Christmas. I really felt the spirit through the season, thinking of the Savior being born. Holding Logan and cuddling him really made me think of Mary and how she must have felt with a newborn that would grow into a man that would die for the sins of the world. I wonder if she was overwhelmed, or nervous or just confidant in God's plan for her. It is fascinating to me and strengthens my love of Christ and his mission on earth.

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