Thursday, October 21, 2010

Zoey's First Birthday Party!

We headed to NY to spend Zoey's 1st birthday with Family! We had a polka dotted cupcake party (of course). It was so nice to spend Zoey's special day with people we loved! The people who came were grandma, grandpa, Aunt Jessy, Charly, Aunt Melissa, GG(grandma), Aunt Julie, Uncle Bob, Chris (Katie's boyfriend), Debbie and Barbara.
Zoey got sooo many gifts! It was so fun to open presents (well....Charly did most of the opening) and have cupcakes and see Zoey make a mess of herself!

Strawberry and Choc Cupcakes!

Zoey being Zoey!

Daddy, Zoey and Pregnant Mommy

Yummy Cupcake!

"what in the world?"

Zoey getting her first baby doll!

Pressing Buttons on a new toy!

The desserts

Zoey and Daddy

Zoey loves Charly!!

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  1. She is sooooo cute! Getting so big! Ohhhhh, how I wish I were there to eat one of your delicious cup cakes too!!! Miss you guys!