Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Jake!

27 on the 27th!!

In the midst of our crazy semester, Jake and I found time to celebrate his Birthday! I surprised him by taking him to get Korean BBQ! It is always so great to see Jake shocking Korean people with how well he speaks the language. I let him just do all the ordering and sat back as he chatted it up with everyone! He said it was pretty authentic to what it was like when he was in Korea. Each table has its own grill and our server cooked the food in front of us. (In Korea you cook your own!) We got pig bellies. I don't have a huge taste for Korean but I always enjoy going with Jake for the experience!
Cooking up some pig bellies!

Jake with all of the side dishes that come out the SECOND you sit down!
Looks like bacon, but had a really mild taste more like a pork chop.

For Jake's actual Birthday (Mon Sept 27) I had work and Jake had class so it wasn't the most exciting day, but Zoey and I had some presents, mexican food and a carvel ice cream cake waiting when he got home!

We hope you had a good birthday Jake! We love you!!!

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