Sunday, July 4, 2010

Making Baby Food

I thought I would give making baby food a try and was so happy with how easy it was and how nice it is to know exactly what Zoey is eating! Here is what I did...Step 1: I took organic frozen vegetables and steamed them...making sure not to over cook them so I wouldn't kill the nutrients.

Step 2: I put the carrots and the water I steamed the carrots with (any lost nutrients would have drained into the water) in the magic bullet.

Step 3: Puree with the magic bullet. Add more water if it is too thick.

Viola! I kept mine pretty thick and watered it down if needed at feeding.

Step 4: Put in these perfect size GLAD tubberwares. I put half in the freezer and half in the fridge to use right away.

I haven't done a ton....a few different veggies and I did peaches. I used canned peaches which came out very watery, even with no juice or water added. I will keep experimenting with it. Excited that is worked out so well!!


  1. Another thing you can do (if you want to vary portion sizes) is freeze it in an ice cube tray. After it's frozen, you can dump the cubes into a freezer bag and then use however many you want. It makes it easy for when you mix foods, too.
    She's so big!

  2. i heard people do that. our freezer is so stuffed to the max. i will have to re-organize and try that!