Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Sooo...... We're Building a House!!

For months Jake and I have been browsing the internet to find a house for us. We decided that we didn't want to keep renting and that we wanted to get settled down for the sake of our kids. I am tired of going from temporary situation to temporary situation. I am tired of feeling so cramped. It was just time to dig our roots deeper.

We looked and looked and nothing really excited us except for one house in pleasant grove that was out of our price range and an offer was already accepted. I was pretty bummed.

I passed by a new development in pleasant grove and saw some great lots owned by a construction company I had never heard "Artisan Construction". I called and loved everything Jared had to say and then after some praying and fasting, we went for it!

So..... We are building a house! What a dream come true. I can't believe that I actually get to walk through my own half built house as it's being constructed and I get to be a part of flooring, and lighting and design and floor plans etc... We didn't find just a big cookie cutter house builder, but a custom builder who really just leaves all the decisions up to us. This is a picture of the floorplan (part 2) that I drew myself on graph paper. After loving floor plans and going to so many parade of homes, we really knew what we wanted and I loved being able to draw my floor plan!! We are really amazed that this is happening. So so humbled and grateful!

By next Spring we will be permanent pleasant grove residents!!

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