Sunday, August 30, 2015

Logan 4 1/2

I am getting emotional just thinking of what I would write for Logan. It's been a hard few weeks with Logan. He has been kind of mad at me and Jake. At least that's how we have felt. Jake and I have been so sad and stressed about it not knowing what to do to help him be more positive and happy. As Zoey stayed at Grandma's the other night, we got Gigi to ourselves and stayed up late watching Batman with him. The next morning Gigi was his sweet little self that I love. He even said "I want you to lay with me mommy" and wanted me to return after getting the baby down for a nap to be with him. He has been saying Thank You a lot this weekend! There he is.......that boy that loves being close to his momma! I take some of the blame. I always have a baby in my arms and something to do. I get why he's been angry. I know he probably is so frustrated to not be the baby of the family still. I am so lucky that he loves Piper so much. I need to remember how much Logan thrives on one on one time. I hope I can be a better momma to him. I often just miss him so much. He is just growing up so fast. He is BEAUTIFUL! Big brown eyes and blonde hair, freckles on his nose and the cutest mannerisms as he talks. I love him so so much. I hope I can always help him know that!

He loves his little street of friends! He has Mavais (his on and off again girlfriend), Jeremiah, Jackson, Annie, Emily, Katie, Elliott, Liam and of course Charly and Zoey. He rides his razor scooter like a pro and isn't afraid to go knock on doors looking for friends to play with. "Is the boy here?" is how he asked if Liam could play one day. He doesn't really ever remember his friends names.... just that they are his friends and he has fun with them!

Some things about Logan at 4 1/2:

He doesn't like crazy rides and roller coasters
He still loves yogurt and cereal and string cheese and now gets them mostly himself. He also loves chocolate milk.
He whines almost anytime you ask him to do something. We really really hope this is a phase!!!!!
He still has a lot of accidents. We really really hope this is a phase too!!!!!
Him and Mavias are getting married and plan "to stay in Utah and have a wedding cake with strawberries". They had a date this weekend building a slug house in her back yard
He adores Piper and kisses her non stop but never ever holds her.
He loves the HULK and the Avengers
He can tell you his address
He can write his letters but never write them next to each other
He doesn't really care to color well
He changes his clothes a million times a day

Logan was repeating the 1st article of faith to us around 4th of July time and said "In his son Jesus Christ and in the....latter day America" He couldnt help but laugh and he didn't really like that!

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