Sunday, August 30, 2015

Dance Recital Time!

So I go in and watch Zoey dance in her class sometimes. She often seems bored and distracted and not really all that good. ha. As a lover of dance I have often been disappointed to see this. At her age I am pretty sure I was rocking it in class!! haha. As the recital approached I kind of braced myself for a  semi disappointed performances from Zoey. Don't get me wrong...she was still pumped and excited to get in a costume (even though she REALLY wanted to wear a shirt under it for itchiness), and excited to be on the stage. Jess and I had so much fun getting Zoey and Charly ready and doing make up and curling hair and just reliving so much of our childhood with our own girls. That alone was touching and special.
So, to get to the point here.... Zoey comes out on stage and she just rocks it! She knows every step and does such a perfect job! I can't just sit there and enjoy her I am just bawling. There is my little girl putting me in my place of my low expectations for her. She shined and I was soo proud and so so sorry that I doubted her. One thing I should know about Zoey is that she works hard for success. She was only bored and silly in dance class because she had already learned and mastered her dance.
  I am so proud to be her momma. So so proud of the lesson she constantly teaches me in my life. Thanks for a truely memorable performance and lesson my dear Zoey.

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